process recording 3

Relevant information or background for understanding interview context, e.g. age if a child, citizenship status, ethnicity: 10 year old male, American, Caucasian, lives with mom, stepfather, and biological sister. Step sister and step brother visit every other weekend. Client has trouble with controlling anger, often throws things or kicks. He also takes 10 mg Adderall or a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). C. Date of interview: 10/29/2014 D.Location of interview: Advantage Counseling and Educational Services Agency (ACES), Croswell, Michigan E. Interview Purpose: Identify the root cause of his anger, what trigger’s his outbursts, and discover interventions that will help him control his anger. F. Persons Present & Relationship to Client1 : M and myself, Mr. Hosterman seated on a chair in the corner of the room out of sight from the client however the client knew he was there. Later, he mother and stepfather come in for a summary of the session. G. Prior Contact with Client: One prior face-to-face session with M H. Actions Taken to Prepare for Interview: Reviewed client’s file, prepared open ended questions to effectively be updated on client’s progress or lack thereof, discussed redirection technique with Mr. Hosterman (if client initiates Mr. Hosterman’s involvement he will look at me indicating I answer the client’s question or make a comment), reviewed

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