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FES 314 – Motor DevelopmentIndividual PresentationDirections: Students will be assigned a chapter in the course textbook, Life Span Motor Development (Haywood & Getchell, 2019). Within that chapter, students mustselect a research article. After reading the original article, the student will be present the main ideas from the article in the following format:✓ Introduction – explain key takeaways from the literature review. ✓ Purpose – what is the main reason for the study?✓ Method – how did the researchers execute the research?✓ Results/Discussion – what did the researchers find?✓ Limitations – what were some of the limitations of the study?✓ Conclusion – what are future directions and practicality of the study?Grading Rubric➢ 15 pointso Timing 6 points (10:00-12:00 minutes)▪ Less than 10:00 (-3 point)▪ More than 13:00 (-3 points)▪ 10:00-12:00 (6 points)o Content 6 points ▪ Clear▪ Concise▪ InformativeWHO EVER CAN DO THIS QUICKLY I WILL PAY MOREArticle

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