practice problems

1. The ‘hotspot’ and ‘hotshot’ hypotheses both refer to possible explanations of:A. Lek polygynyB. MonogamyC. Scramble competition polygynyD. PolyandryE. Female defense polygyny2. When many females of a species produce eggs very rarely (e.g. for one or two nights a year, in a few specific locations), you are likely to observe:A. MonogamyB. InfanticideC. An explosive breeding assemblageD. Lek polygyny3. The major difference between polygynandry and promiscuity is:A. The males and females in a polygynandrous system form pair bonds, while they do not in a promiscuous systemB. Usually there are fewer individuals involved in a promiscuous mating system than in a polygynandrous systemC. Promiscuous parents typically help parent offspring, while polygynandrous parents do notD. There are more males than females in a polygynandrous system, and more females than males in a promiscuous system

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