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My class discussion question needs to be answer with at least 170 words with example. I would like for it to be in your own words. If not please cite in text with reference, No plagiarism please. Doesn’t need a title page.

Class: Many organizations do offer as a benefit some form of tuition programs to help employees obtain a degree or other marketable skills. The type of program can vary by organizations. Some offer full tuition with no requirements or restrictions. But most have some requirements to remain employed for a specific time after obtaining a degree. Others require the money to be repaid if an employee leaves the organization before a set time frame.

Still the number of employees that take advantage of this benefit are very low. According to the American Society for Training and Development less than 10% of employees use this benefit if offered Hutson). that figure also matches the experience in my organization that offers a very good tuition program to both the salaried and hourly employees. Only 7% of the hourly employees have ever used the tuition program and 10% of the salaried employees have taken advantage of the benefit.

Why do you think so few employees that work in an organizations with a tuition program ever use the benefit?

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