popular culture influences 2

For this week’s discussion board, I’d like you to contemplate the influence that popular culture has on us. Both of the essays The Dangers of the Princess Culture https://www.patheos.com/blogs/barefootandpregnant/… , In Defense of Princess Culture http://unexceptionalmom.blogspot.com/2013/02/in-de….assigned for this module discuss how the so-called “Princess Culture” has had an impact on young girls and their sense of identity. They differ, of course, on whether that impact has been positive or negative. We might also disagree on the short-term and long-term effects that popular culture has or can have on us.

  1. Consider how you have personally been affected by the movies and television shows with which you grew up. Can you think of an specific example that helped to shape or influence who you are today? How did it affect you, and was that impact positive or negative?
  2. You should also consider whether or not there is such a thing as “Prince Culture.” If there isn’t such a phenomenon, why isn’t there? If there is, has it had a similar impact on young boys (and/or girls)? What has been or what would the impact of “Prince Culture” be? Your answers to both sets of questions should be 5-7 sentences long. You do need to address both sets of questions in your initial post: your personal connection to popular culture and your thoughts on the Disney princes.
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