political writing 02 1

This is a final essay, need high quality work. Need full 5 pages essay. At least 3 resources, can use more than 3 resources.

Your analysis should include at least 3 sources concerning either the films in question or the political issues being addressed (at least 2 of these need to be academic sources). Sources must be cited in text and in works cited at end.

Need to choose 2!!!!! films to write for this essay from the list, Can’t use other outside films. Only use films that on the list here: !!!!!!

Film list:

1. 12 Angry Men

2. A Face in the Crowd

3. All the President’s Men

4. Network

5. Do the Right Thing

6. Mad Max: Fury Road

7. Moonlight

8. They Live

9. Dr. Strangelove

10. Children of Me

In the attached film, one is the writing instruction, need to follow all these rules, and the other file is a syllabus, you can check and know about what this class is talking about, which political concepts are used. This file would be very helpful for writing in this essay

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