police body camera essay

Watch PBS video: Louisiana Public Square – Police POV: Body Cameras in LA @ http://www.pbs.org/video/2365652251 and write a three-page paper on what happens when police and the people they arrest have different versions of their encounters? Can body cameras deescalate volatile situations? And what privacy issues do they raise?

Some of you may have taken my Intro to Law Enforcement class and watched the video. However, the requirements of the current essay are different from the requirements in Intro to Law Enforcement.


1. Standard-sized paper (8.5’’×11’’), 1’’ margins on all sides, 12pt, Time New Roman font, typed and double-spaced.

2. Use APA format to write your paper, including in-text citations and references.

3. Use at least three journal articles and/or books as references to support your arguments.

4. Must have reference section. Reference section does NOT account into three pages.

5. Grammar and writing style will be taken into account when grading. Be sure you are writing professionally and academically.

6. It is due on November 30th, 2018.

7. No academic dishonesty will be tolerated. Once discovered, your grade of this section will be ZERO.

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