pm3000 unit 4 db 1

Integration of Project Plan Tools and Techniques

There are many different tools and plans that can be used when managing a project. These tools focus on scope and needs of the project, communication, risk, schedule, quality, human resources, procurement, and cost.

  • How should each of the project components be integrated?
  • Which of these tools are you most familiar with? Explain how you are familiar with it. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Take a few moments and identify at least three ideas, tools, or techniques that you have learned from this discussion and plan to use as a project manager in the future. What will be most helpful to you? Why?

Discussion and Response Guidelines

Regarding discussions in this course, you are encouraged to initially post early in the unit for each discussion, to allow time for peers to respond. The expectation within the course discussions is to respond to at least two posts by the end of the unit, but it is highly recommended that you extend the dialog further. Responding over multiple days will help stimulate a lively discussion.

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