please use the terms from the chapter which i attach as much as you can


Assignment: Students will write a 3 page, double-spaced reflection paper which summarizes observations of court personnel and court participants including defendants and courtroom observers. Students are also expected to include their emotional response to this assignment; what was it like to be in the courtroom? Students are required to include at least 10 key terms from the back of Chapters 9-11. You must use terms from all three chapters and the terms must be used in context. Key terms must be BOLDED within your paper. Papers earning the higher scores will fluently discuss the court process as observed in person, and demonstrate an understanding of that process including the proper use of terminology.

highlight of some cases:

1- there were three rooms – three judge at same time.


– I went to two of them.

* first one was 7 guilty. one of them was a man tries to entered drugs two times in the state. the judge gives him a time to defend or go to the jail 5-7 years. *

* the judge was try to help them.

– the other room there were a lot of lawyer around 4-6.

* the first case was is a girl was connecting online by TV with the judge and her lawyer because she is the in jail. she stole something and the judge put her in probation and not go out her house and put something in her leg to notice the police about her location. she took it off and went out. her lawyer said it was by a mistake she did not mean anything. the other lawyer ( that work with the gov) said she did that because the is thinking to vagabond. her lawyer said if she wanted to do that, she did not got back and stayed in her place between she took off the thing and when you arrested her. the judge decided to give her a court date and she has to come!

after that case, three men came in the room and they were wearing the jail clothes ( white and silver ). one of them he stole and did not show in the court date two times. he said he forgot and did not mean that. the gov lawyer said he did not care so he should be imprisoned. his lawyer said he works in walmart and he decided to change his lifer for better, if he be imprisoned, it won’t be good for him because he want to life better and he will not do what he did before. the judge decided to give him another court date because he want to ask his boss in his job to see if he really change or not

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