please respond to all questions include references and citations

1.Discuss Mahler’s four sub phases of separation. Provide examples for each sub phase and how you as a caregiver/educator can help facilitate this process to benefit the student.

2. Brain research tells us the impact cortisol levels play in a child’s development. Explain.

3. Does doing artwork enhance a young child’s creativity, imagination and self-esteem? Explain.

4. What kind of assessments are used in your school? How is technology used to assess student learning in your school?

5. NAEYC standard 1 states: “Using developmental knowledge to create healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging learning environments for young children.” How can teachers make this goal a reality in the classroom setting? What do they need to do specifically?

6. How will you ensure that you uphold the NAEYC standards in your future interactions with children? How will you know that you’re meeting these standards?

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