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Here is your week 4 quiz, which covers Chapters 1-7 in the course text and the lessons for each week. You may access this quiz only one time. You will have 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the quiz. There are 5 short essay questions. Each answer must be 75-100 words long. No direct quotes from any source should be used in your answers. Use your own words to explain the answer. Use the reading material 1-7 for the MGMT 410 assignments that I sent you already or overlook the assignments you already did to give yourself an idea to answer the questions. Thanks

1.Describe “VRIO” in regard to strategic capability and competitive advantage. What is it and what does it mean? Give an example.

2.Explain “strategic drift” and give examples of how it happens.

3.Describe Michael Porter’s view on competitive advantage. How do the three strategies differ from each other. Give an example of each.

4.Describe the value chain and the activities that support the chain. How does marketing fit in to that value chain?

5.Discuss organizational culture and how it affects the success of a company that may be expanding from the U.S. into China. What kind of cultural adjustments would a company have to make to successfully expand from the U.S. to China?

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