php exercises

1. Arithmetic-assignment operators perform an arithmetic operation on the variable at the same time as assigning a new value. For this PHP exercise, write a script to reproduce the output below. Manipulate only one variable using no simple arithmetic operators to produce the values given in the statements.

Hint: In the script each statement ends with “Value is now $variable.”

Value is now 99.
Add 200. Value is now 299.
Subtract 44. Value is now 255.
Multiply by 5. Value is now 1275.
Divide by 3. Value is now 425.
Increment value by nine. Value is now 434.
Decrement value by six. Value is now 428.

2. In this PHP exercise, you will use a conditional statement to determine what gets printed to the browser. Write a script that gets the current month and prints one of the following responses, depending on whether it’s August or not:

It’s August, so it’s really hot.
Not August, so at least not in the peak of the heat.


3. Modify the files check.html and check.php to use GET instead of POST. Modify the files radio.html and radio.php to use POST instead of GET.

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