phil of scientific knowledge 1

What does it mean to engage in self-assessment? At this point in the course, I’d like to you critically consider your participation and production based on: where you situate your weekly approach to the course work on the spectrum between “attending to the minimum requirements” and “extending yourself to your greatest capacity,” where you would situate the quality and content of your production between “attending to the minimum requirements” and your “best possible work,” and how you define “average,” “good,” and “excellent” with respect to meeting or exceeding minimum requirements.To do this, you should refer back to the grading discussion, assignment guidelines, and participation expectations. Using this material as a guide, if you were to assign yourself a grade, what have you earned thus far? What is your rationale and evidence? If you are not pleased with what you believe you have earned (versus what you might want to earn), how might you go about changing that as we move forward?

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