phaedo the cynical argument 5 pages needed

This paper focuses primarily on presenting a critical response to Plato’s dialogue. You should briefly offer a synopsis of the text or claims to which you are responding, but you should do so in no more than one page. The rest of your paper should consist of a presentation of your own view, supported by reasons and arguments.

Subject is: Phaedo (immortality)

Task: provide an in-depth discussion and analysis of it. How does the argument work? What are its major premises and steps? In your view, is it a good argument? Why or why not?

(The cyclical argument appears at 70a-72e.. i attached the pages)

also i attached a model paper to show how philosophy essays are written within my requirements, i am not looking for creativity as much as accuracy. If you are quoting a text assigned for class, then you may cite it by simply giving the philosopher-fragment number (e.g., Heraclitus 10.40), or the McKirahan page number (e.g., PBS p. 44).

more importantly:

Characteristics of an ‘A’ paper:

• Accuracy: presents the authors’ views without distortion or confusion

• Completeness: does not leave out any salient or vital parts of the authors’ ideas

• Depth: goes beyond merely repeating class notes; demonstrates a familiarity with the primary text(s), and an awareness of the ambiguities and nuances of the text(s)

• Clarity: is well-structured, and presented without major grammatical or syntactic or stylistic errors

• Criticism, inquisitiveness: does not simply accept the ideas or texts at face value, but raises critical questions about them; states agreement or disagreement, with supporting reasons or argument

Thank you all…

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