persuasive speech 25

You will speak to us about a problem and try to convince us to support your solution.This speech requires, for its Thesis Statement, a Proposition of Policy!

-­ at least three different examples of valid Reasoning

each step of Motivated Sequence Design well-­developed

at least three different cited published Sources (Ex: According…)(quotes, statistics, examples) used and included in the Outline

-­clear Proposition of Policy labeled at the top of the outline.

-­Attention Step (like Introduction)

-­Need Step (the Problem = Main point I.)

-­ Satisfaction Step (Proposition of Policy) (the Solution = Main point II.)

-­Visualization Step

-­Action Step (be specific, have Clincher)

-­clear Transitions between Steps

-­three different examples of Reasoning labeled in Outline

Topic: Should governments tax soda and other sugary drinks and use the revenue for public health? (I agree eith this statement) Also, can you use simple vocabularies, please? Thank you so much!

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