personality and social psychology paper

Instructions for Personality Paper

1. Watch the Crash Course Videos and Read the 4 Articles (see below).

2. Complete the Locus of Control Assessment, Trait Personality Assessment and OCEAN assessment. Each of the links for these assessments can be found in Reading #4 – Learning Approaches (below).

3. Answer each of the three questions below in a paper, using a minimum of 500 words and maximum of 800 words.

Questions to answer in your paper:

1. Summarize your results of each of the three assessments. What were your highest and lowest scores? Did you agree or disagree with them? Why? Give me an example for each one.(20 points for each assessment summary for a total of 60 points). This should be written using a paragraph for each assessment summary, so the answers to this question will show up in three paragraphs (Locus of Control paragraph, Trait paragraph, OCEAN paragraph).

2. Ask someone close to you what they think of each of your assessment results. Identify the person in your paper. Did they agree with each of the results or not? Why or why not? Give me an example of how they explained it to you. (10 points). This should be written in one paragraph.

3. What is self-efficacy, locus of control and self-regulation, and what do they have to do with personality? Be sure to let me know you understand each of these concepts. Then, provide me examples of how you are working on each of these areas in your own life.(20 points). This response could be written in one long paragraph by describing each term in your own words and then providing examples of how you are working on these areas in your own life.

Grammar/spelling, content length are counted (10 points). If you need help with grammar, know there are tutors in the Academic Skill Center at each campus who can review your paper in person or online, or consider using as a resource.

Video links: –

1. (Rorschach and Freudians: Crash Course Psychology #21)

2. (Measuring Personality: Crash Course Psychology #22)

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