peer s post

Respond to two of your peers’ initial posts and consider the following:

  • How does your peer’s initial post compare with the ethical and privacy concerns reflected in your paper?

Peer One’s Post:

Some of the ethical and privacy concerns that I didn’t include involve electronic surveillance and geotagging. The company that I based my paper off of is both a physical and online enterprise, so therefore electronic surveillance is necessary to ensure safety at the physical store itself. Cameras would be helpful in case of emergency and theft to protect the customers, staff, and criminals. Geotagging is a feature that records where posts are created via social media. By implementing social computing, staff and customers need to be vigilant of their whereabouts for their own safety and privacy.

I do not believe that these concerns should affect the decision of Danielle’s Closet to move forward with their business plan. I just believe that the staff and customers need to be aware that geotagging exists while posting in social media and that they need to be careful not to reveal unnecessary information. Electronic surveillance is necessary to run a physical store for safety purposes which I believe is understandable. It is important to realize that importance of security while still respecting privacy of all. The understanding of ethics and its importance in the business world is the back bone of a strong customer/business relationship.


Peer Two’s Post:

Something that I did not include in my paper was to have the business implement a Code of Ethics. Having a well-established, followed up on, company (large or small) Code of Ethics helps to create a guideline of what is expected, how to change your course of action, and how one should follow through. Actively holding people accountable to the COE will also help to drive the importance of the high regard for ethics the company has. Management needs to have a plan in place to be able to deal with and handle a situation that is a breach of ethics. If someone does an act that is unethical to the company and there are no consequences to that action, it is almost saying that this behavior will be tolerated, which can lead to a downward spiral of unethical decisions.

Another point that I did not address in my final paper was how to handle the outcome of a security breach to consumers. With everything that goes into security and handling of sensitive materials, there is always a high potential of a security breach. How the company handles that breach will have a forever impact on their future business. Should the company lay low and now say anything until the air has cleared? Should they do what is morally correct and be honest with their consumers? Having a clearly established code of ethics will help to determine the course of action that should be taken.

These concerns do not change my technology recommendations. With the research that I did, I still think the cloud computing and social computing are the best technologies for the company to invest in. With the way technology ever evolves and changes and with the way people are working just as hard to hack it, there will always be threats. How a business or company deals with those threats will ultimately lead to their own success.

It has been such a great term working with and getting to chat with everyone! Good luck with everything! And enjoy the rest of the summer.


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