paper editing 3


That is my actual account that I couldn’t use it before so I sent you a question from my friend Jackro account.
So I need to fix my draft after having comments from the professor in the pdf file. The word document is your original essay with my editing for the format and citations.

Explanation of main comments:
1) In the introduction, starting the 5th line I need to change the wording of from these books to a more specific idea of each book. Also, a thesis statement saying that the solutions that are written in the essay could help raising the level of lower class people above the poverty line.
2) direct citation on the second page.”I can do it if you couldn’t find”
3) On the third page, start the second paragraph by restating the thesis to remind the reader that the solutions can help the people.
4)Fourth page, talk thoroughly about Clinton’s 1993 reform and connect to Harrington’s book “The Other America” that mentioned about Medicare and Medicaid.
I didn’t understand the comment about housing on the same page.
5) Last page, talk more about the bad diet issue of working class such as fast food because they don’t have time to cook and food stamps.

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