outcome 2 project plan

Students will develop an overall project plan to accomplish the project goals that includes a number of project management tools that help manage risk, cost, and communication throughout the Project Life Cycle.

Deliverables include:
Scope or Statement of Work (SOW) of the Project
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – high level hierarchical chart that breaks down the scope/SOW into deliverables. It needs to include 5 out of 10 knowledge areas.
Schedule – either in Excel or MSProject down to 3 levels that include work packages; Schedule must match the WBS, Schedule will need resource assignment; Time and duration determined
Communication Plan – take the audience/competitive analysis outputs and develop a communication plan based on key stakeholders
Budget – Cost Analysis based on the schedule, resources, fixed cost, etc.

Students may propose an alternative project of their own design that shows attainment of the corresponding course outcome. The mentor must approve the alternative project.

This outcome will include several pieces:

  1. Scope or Statement of Work (SOW)
  2. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  3. Schedule
  4. Communication Plan
  5. Budget

You’ll likely be submitting 2 different files for this outcome: a Word document and an Excel file. If you want to do your Schedule in Microsoft Project, you’re welcome to. If you don’t have Microsoft Project, Excel will work just fine.

Outcome 2 Example below

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