oceanography 12

This week’s metacognitive log invites you to integrate what you have learned about atmospheric circulation and surface ocean currents. You will apply what you’ve learned to interpret how the interaction between atmospheric and oceanic circulation influence weather and climate.

For this assignment

Step 1: Print out the attached World Map. This map shows the outlines of the continents with lines of latitude and longitude.

Step 2: Label the map with the following (5 points):

  • Latitude (make sure to include degrees N or S)
  • Red line to indicate warm western boundary currents in all 5 major ocean basins.
  • Blue line to indicate cold eastern boundary currents in all 5 major ocean basins.
  • Black lines to indicate transverse currents in all 5 major ocean basins.
  • Two stars to indicate places where you have visited (or would like to visit).

Step 3: Record observations about starred locations and make hypotheses (5 points).

  • What is the prevailing wind direction at these two locations?
  • What is the relationship between these two locations and the oceans?
  • Are there any other observations that might influence the weather/climate of either of these locations?
  • Form a hypothesis about weather/climate at these two locations. Will these places be generally warm or cold? Wet or dry? Will either experience seasonal storms? If so, what kind?

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