Choose and read one of the TAKING ACTION chapter experiences from the textbook that relates to a political issue you are interested in and could see yourself taking action in.-TAKING ACTION: How A Social Media Campaign and Billboards Can Influence Policy-TAKING ACTION: Addressing the Health Needs of Immigrant/Migrant Farmworkers-TAKING ACTION: Influencing Public Health in a Politically Charged Environment-TAKING ACTION: Policy Advocacy for American Indian/Alaska NativeIn your response, include:1.A brief summary of the chapter2. The reason you choose that particular political action experience.3. How does it relate to what you understand or have learned about policy and politics in nursing and health care?4. What suggestions or tips would you provide for nurses who seek to influence health care policy?Reference:Mason, D., Dickson, E., McLemore, M. R., & Perez, G. A. (2020). Policy & politics in nursing and health care (8 th ed.). Elsevier. ISBN: 9780323554985

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