no specific question please respond to the two questions as directed using minimum 100 words each


.Your first post should be on or before Saturday and contain a minimum of 100 words. Include a link to any site you used to help you respond to the questions.

IT133: Microsoft Office Application on Demand

Topic 1:

Based on your readings, discuss why Mail Merge is an important tool for professionals and corporations.

IT190: Information Technology Concepts

Discussion Topic: Network Controls and Monitoring

Your company has noticed a substantial decline in productivity over the past months and wants to find out why. The CEO has asked you about network controls and monitoring that they might use within the company. Begin by researching the laws both nationally and in your state (Mississippi) regarding employers and network monitoring. Next, suggest some devices and/or software the company might employ to help keep employees on task or, in the alternative, to identify when they are not. Finally, explain how you would implement the plan. Would you tell the employees that they are being monitored? Why or why not?

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