no specific question please respond to the 4 posts as directed using 75 words each


Throughout this course, many discussion opportunities come up where you need to respond to other people’s opinions and comments. Respond to the 4 classmate posts below using a minimum of 75 words. Include a link to any site you used to help you respond to the questions. Make sure you respond substantively to each classmate.

IT133: Microsoft Office Applications on Demand


Examples of bad PowerPoint presentation-

Purewal, Sarah. (n.d.). PC World. Top 10 world’s worst PowerPoint presentations. Retrieved from

This web site does a wonderful job of breaking down several aspects of bad PowerPoints. It highlights some of the most common mistakes people often make when creating a PowerPoint. In one of the most obvious examples, extensive text is written on top of an image. Because images by nature have several varying colors and detail, it is often difficult to read text against such background. In another common example, too much text or graphical images are applied to a single slide. In almost every instance, it better to use the notes function built into PowerPoint where long talking points are needed. This helps to declutter the slides. Using multiple slides for graphs and associating talking points with each graph makes it easier for the audience to follow the presentation. Adding everything to one slide can be completely confusing and often difficult to understand. Another common, but sometimes overlooked, example of a bad PowerPoint presentation is the improper use of transition elements. It is important to ensure that transition text or images are displayed in an area that is clearly visible. I’ve often seen plenty of presentations were transition text is placed too close to an image and ends up hidden or difficult to read. This website provides excellent descriptions as to why each example is a bad PowerPoint presentation.

Ideas for creating your best PowerPoint presentation-

Canny, Chariti. (n.d.). 7 Ways to Make Your Best PowerPoint Presentations. Retrieved from

This is a perfect website for anyone who is looking for a basic understanding on how to create a good PowerPoint presentation. It highlights several key areas that people should focus on when considering how to go about their presentation. While this site doesn’t offer visual examples of presentations, it does do an excellent job at detail explanations. One of the key aspects explained on this site is the ability to consider they audience. Knowing what your audience is interested in, their age group, and perhaps their level of skill or knowledge can allow the presenter to tailor the presentation in a more interesting and engaging fashion. Another great example given is the use of visual aids. Using photos, graphs, and videos are great ways to help explain or express a thought or topic. However, it is important to use images responsibly as too many or too much can over complicate the presentation or slide.

Kevin Ashby


I used Google to find the worst PowerPoint presentation I think I have seen in the business world. From Executive Speech Coach worst PowerPoint presentation contest, the worst was a presentation attempting to show an IT Modernization Roadmap. This slide was FULL of information. Unfortunately it had several issues. The font was too small, there was too much information for one slide. It did not flow well even though they attempting to guide the audience with multiple arrows to show the flow. The slide was colorful, which I would normally call a good thing, but in this case the colors over-lapped and just created more confusion. To make this a more fruitful presentation I would have broken down the categories, possibly creating a new slide for each year.

Robert Green Jr.

IT190: Information Technology Concepts


Kroger like many other grocery stores have the option to shop online for curbside pickup or even delivery but since I work for Kroger that will be my focus. As we all know online shopping is huge and amazon is king when it comes to that so brick and mortar stores must catch up or at least not fall too far behind. Not too long ago Kroger adopted the curbside pickup as an option for grocery shopping and as well as scan and go. This can be profitable as you are doing your shopping the ad is right on the same website meaning many shoppers may add items to their cart they did not intend to buy in the first place and they are also paying for the service of the curbside pickup. I believe this is only the first step as soon there will be grocery delivery shopping has had a major change and it has a big effect on brick and mortar stores.

Tyler Smith


Hello everyone,

The industry that I have chosen is the television industry. When I mention the television industry I am not just talking about the physical electronic that sits in your your house but the services that are offered from media companies that you watch on your television. It has been 10 years now since television signal switched from analog to digital, which was June 12, 2009. The effects of moving from analog to digital were that the video and audio quality increased. In addition, switching to digital allowed for the opportunity to have more channels and watch more than one channel at a time since digital signals can be compressed more easily than analog signals. To keep the industry competitive and profitable in the information age, all that needs to be done is to continuously improve on what is already available. Compared to televisions from the 90s, when flat screen TVs didn’t even exist, to TVs today, we have seen many evolution’s. There are many ways that improvement can happen, such as having holographic televisions that would have the same quality as today’s current 4K TVs. I know there is room for improvement because I though 4K was as good as it could get, and then they announce that an 8K TV is available. Just think about it, where will we be in 10 years from now with televisions?


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