news article getting good health care


  1. Find a news article or a reputable information file online that focuses on getting good health care. This can include any of the following:
    • Finding affordable health insurance that meets your personal needs.
    • Finding a doctor that you can trust and who can listen to you and meet your needs.
    • Finding an urgent care clinic that you can go to when your doctor is not available.
    • Finding a specialist.
    • Knowing what to do when you don’t get the right diagnosis the first time. How long do you wait and what are the steps to getting additional help.
    • Finding classes for childbirth, smoking cessation, counseling for addiction or abuse.
    • Finding a doctor who will correctly diagnose your children and get them the special help they need.
    • News articles which do not focus on this health topic will not count for this assignment.
  2. When you find your article, read it and then answer the following 4 questions:
  • What is the URL for others who want to go read the complete article? The URL looks like this: http://……… and can be found in your browser address window.
  • Give a brief summary of what is found in the article.
  • Did you feel the article was written by a credible source? Why or why not? Use the attached resources when answering this question.
  • What information was new to you in that article

Format to use:

  • News Article Title and URL: (copy web address from your browser window)
  • Summary: (no less than 3 sentences for full credit)
  • Credibility? (refer to the attached resource)
  • What was new to me: (no less than 2 sentences for full credit
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