need to select an topic and write about 5 6 pages meeting giac standards paper guidelines and also api style of format at the end need to write an para on the topics given in question

Pick a topic for a 5-6 page paper on any topic in information security. GIAC Gold standards paper guidelines should be followed along with standard APA style. Remember the GSU writing center can be accessed for online students also.

Title page, abstract and reference pages are not included in the page count.

At the end you need to write a paragraph on below 2 topics

1)Looking on the internet and all the tools available for hackers and computer technicians, post a tool and discuss if you feel safe with all your information online, in corporate databases and being sent over the Internet.

2)The best encryption method may not always be the best. When you are discussing encryption methods this week discuss not only an encryption method and how it works but in what you might use the method to encrypt. Discuss Internet sales page, emails, hard disks….. Which method is best for the situation?

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