need someone to write a 7 page single spaced word paper on recent network security threats

You are to write a paper on a recent (within last 3 years) network threat (compromise, virus, worm, scam). In the paper you should discuss how the threat materialized (chronology), system(s) at risk, damage done by the threat, long-term ramifications of the threat, and how the threat could have been mitigated or eliminated. Papers with accurate, specific, and varied references will score higher. Supporting data if needed should be included in appendices.

Papers will be 5-7 single-spaced pages in length (font size 12). The title page does not count as one of the pages for the report. Proper referencing is a must. The bibliography will not count as one of the page requirements. Appendices will not count as pages for the report and should contain supporting comments you make in the paper. All references will be properly cited throughout the report.

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