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I am writing a SEE report of a teacher, do not change format please. Just edit it to make sure it make sense.

About the teacherI want to first elaborate that the teacher I interviewed was a deaf and hard of hearing itinerant teacher, meaning she travels from school to school to work one on one with her students. She doesn’t have her own classroom, she has caseload ranging from prek to 12 grade at different schools’institution, she resembles as a traveling special ed teacher.

EVENT (Observation of Instruction)

In the classroom, the original teachers of the class which should be inferred that there were 3 other pre-k teachers- decorated their classroom in a creative fun childish way to make learning a fun environment. The physical space of the class was like an average teaching class but more decorative. Next, the participants(kids) I witness were involved with the lesson the teachers were giving them. The lesson sequence started with: greetings, a warm up assignment, a lesson, lunch time, recess, nap time, and then departure for home. Doing some of the teachers instructing I examined- the kids were responding in excitement yells, mumbling, hand gestures, and laughter. Also, the kids displayed a lot of movement, some would start dancing, jumping, sitting down, running, walking, and among others. Next, when instructing, the pre-k teachers looked peaceful, calm, and interested in their teaching, no foul action was shown. Fast forward, when it came down to observing just Mc. Neill and her one deaf student, I realize that because she didn’t have her own office, her student would be distracted by the classroom interactions. However, I saw how Mc. Neill would encourage the student to focus on her so that she can accomplish a reading goal that the deaf student needed to learn and master. Lastly, I would like to add that one thing I find particularly interesting is how Mc. Neill was calm in her teaching with her student and advocate to work hard for it, so that the child can get the best education it deserves.

EVALUATION (Theory to Practice)

The instructional practice -consists of goals that each deaf and hard of hearing students need to master. Some of the goals could be speech, writing, reading, talking, comprehending what is being read, critical thinking, drawing inferences, and among others as well.

Planning/Organization Communication Skills- Mc. Neill expresses the importance of making eye contact, covering her mouth for auditory attention, some of her students and the students’ parents are native Spanish speakers, so when communicating with them she uses a (language phone line)- which is a phone line offered by Dekalb County that gives you a translator to call whoever for better clarification on what is need to be said.

Content Area Knowledge Classroom Management Technology Use Draws on Prior Knowledge?

She emphasizes that she would give a student a reading assignment and request the students to draw prior knowledge to better help understand the reading better. The technology she uses is articles written in third grade level like the, New4you website.

Assessment (tests, quizzes, homework) Critical Thinking?

Again, she is teaching students based on their goals, so she creates tests from their goals to see how they have progressed overtime. For instance, a John Basic reading inventory test. She gives out grades to her students but they’re not creditable grades, their just separate grades alone. Additionally, she uses a lot of who, what, when, and why in her teaching strategies to promoted critical thinking’s within her students.

Does the teacher help students make connections between the lesson content and their lives and/or other subject areas?

Teacher uses real life examples like her background, to help student understand the concept of what their supposed to be retaining, she would reteach lessons in many methods until the child masters it.


Teacher uses creative games, fun, and some form of movement to help energized her students. Moreover, she rewards and motivate her students for their hard works.

Participation/Engagement (on-task / off-task)

As I was watching the student one on one, I saw how the student were engaged into the teacher learning because of how the teacher was creative with it. She was peaceful, fun, rewarding, calm, which causes the student to imitate her the same way. The reasons the student is engage because the teacher uses toys objects, color pencils for decorating, her character voice, therefore, kept the student attentive to her. The one thing that disengaged the child was that the class interactions was a little distracting because they were still working in the room, Mc. Neill doesn’t have an office or was not given another private room to work with the particular student.

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