need some information put into a presentation on organization background sp factors

Must be done correctly and professionally. I cannot make a lot of edits for misspelled words.One of the early tasks in undertaking strategic planning is to define, challenge and articulate the strategic direction that will best enable the organization to achieve a unique strategic position. Having a unique strategic position is extremely important because it differentiates the organization from other entities in the same competitive space. Expect to modify each of these items, but especially the strategic direction after you conduct the external and internal assessments (Modules 4 & 5), and as you formulate strategies to manage issues and optimize performance (Module 6). That is because strategic planning is an iterative process

Answer in detail with two paragraphs for EACH bullet point below and in the summary create a graph or chart that shows the data requirements in full color. This should end up being 2 pages with the last page being the summary and graph/chart.

Organization Background/SP Factors (Briefly Present)

  • Impetus for strategic planning
  • Key stakeholders
  • Organization Implementation History/S P Readiness
  • Perceived data requirements
  • Communication considerations

PLEASE READ ALL UPLOADED ITEMS! There are a total of four uploads.

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