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Final Exam   English 215 Monsters in Lit


Answer any three of the following. Your answers will be graded on depth, quality, and accuracy. Choose questions that allow you to respond in detail.


1   How do their relatives react to the reliving of Eva, Elias, and Tore? Why does each react the way they       


       do? Be sure to discuss Mahler, Anna, David, Flora, and Elvy.


2.   What connections do you see between Metamorphosis and Handling the Undead? What are some


       themes and/or messages that they have in common?


3.    Describe an event, person, or situation in recent history that is in some way “monstrous.” Why do


        you consider it as such? Which of the books read for class most closely describes the monstrosity of


        which you write? How?


4.     Discuss three of the stories in regard to characters’ needs for home and/or family.


5.     Who is the most admirable of the characters in the books read for this class? Why? Who is the most


         monstrous of the characters? Why?  Your answer should include your description of what makes


         that person or creature a monster.

books also include dracula, metemorphis, jekll and hyde, and handling the undead, frankstein


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