need help with a python program 2

This is activity is to be solved on your own or with your pair programming partner. If you work with a partner, only in person upload the program indicating the names of the team members in the “Comment” box in the submission.

This activity is graded 0 (not submitted)/100(submitted). Evidence of substantial work is required to earn credit.

Create a python script (program) based on the narrative below.

Name your file A06_Last name. For instance, my file would be named A06_Huerta

Points will be deducted if you submit a file with an incorrect file name.

Upload your python file.


A program calculates the overhead allocation rate and the amount of overhead allocated to a service. Overhead is allocated based on the number of hours spent in the service.

Data input: total estimated overhead cost, the total estimated allocation base (total hours), and the actual number of hours spent in the service.

Data output: allocation rate and amount of overhead allocated.

See an example of an output below:

Output for overhead

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