need help org as a learning system

After reading both chapters for this week (Hatch and Morgan), identify a minimum of two parallels between organizational technology and organizations as self-organizing learning systems.

For each, explain how you could apply your analysis to support effective organizational design decisions.

APA formatting, proper in-text citations, and references are required for your initial post.


This fascinating TED talk explore the evolution of technology and provides a useful lens to observe how organizations may be influenced by technological change.

Kevin Kelly: How Technology Evolves (19:51)


This chapter explores the concept of technology, as a means organizations use to transform inputs into outputs. This chapter will help students grasp the theoretical perspective of organization technology and its application to support effective organizational design.

Hatch, M. J. (2018). Organization theory: Modern, symbolic, and postmodern perspectives. 4th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  • Chapter 5: Organizational Technology

This chapter explores organizations’ adaptive learning systems. With the advent of the information age and the information worker, the learning brain metaphor is a powerful lens through which one can analyze and understand organizations to support effective design.

Morgan, G. (2006). Images of organization(Updated ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

  • Chapter 4: Learning & Self-Organization: Organizations as Brains


This seminal article by Neil Postman highlights five key (and potentially immutable) dimensions of technological change that have affected society since the dawn of civilization. This short article will help readers frame and enrich perspectives on the influence of technological change on organizations and their members.

Postman, Neil. “Five things we need to know about technological change.” Retrieved December 1 (1998).

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