need help 8 half page journals

1- Journal Topic – “Special Place” – If you could be anywhere doing anything…where would 


you be….what would you be doing?  Describe using all five senses – hear, see, touch, taste, 




2- Journal Topic – “Taking for granted” – List all the people, places or things you have taken 


for granted.


3- Journal Topic – Humor – What type of humor do you like? Name some people, places, 


movies, etc. that make you laugh/smile. How could you add more humor into your daily life?


4- Journal Topic – “Touch” – How important is physical touch to you?  Do you think physical 


touch is important to people in general for their emotional health and well being?


5- Journal Topic – Forgiveness –  Do you have any resentment or unforgiveness towards 


anyone?  Do you want to initiate the process of forgiving that/those person(s)?  Do you think 


it would be better for your health to forgive?


6- Journal Topic– “Free Write”-  use this journal writing time to write about whatever you 


choose.  You may choose to discuss things that are bothering you or make a “to do” list of 


things you need to complete and when before the end of this term.


7- Journal Topic – “Purpose” –  What do you think is your “purpose” in life? Why do you think 


so and how can you fulfill it


8- Journal Topic – “48 hours” –  If you knew you only had 48 hours left to live, what would 


you do, see, etc. in that last 48 hours?




The total is 8 docs with a half page written in it.


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