need help 5 paragraph essay high school level

Topic1- many people help others in order to prepare for future need.
Support1- i helped my friend by fixing his computer 2 years ago, and after a while my car stopped in the middle of a street, so i called him and he helped me fixing my car.
Conclusion1- helping others can make you garntuee that you will get help in the future from people you helped before.

Topic2- i help people because i care about them.
Support2- when i was in the UK, i always use buses to go from place to another. Once, i was in a bus sitting in one of the front seats, then i saw an old man coming inside the bus, so i gave him my seat and went to the back seats.
Conclusion2- old people and children can't help themselves all the time. Therefore, we care about them, so we help them whenever they need our help.

Topic3- most people prefer helping others instead of not helping them because it makes them feel satisfaction when they give help.
Support3- this weekend i saw homeless in the street while i was driving , so stopped for him and gave him cash. He smiled at me and said thank you. After what he said to me , i felt good and happy because my help can get him food, drink , or whatever he needs.
Conclusion3- satisfaction comes by helping others and make them feel good.
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