need a conclusion responses from attached file 1

Need a conclusion for both employee needs and organization motivators. I have attached a document to help generate the input. Below is the guidelines.

Inside the document and items highlighted in yellow require responses:

1. State explicit conclusions of (1) degree to which employee needs are intrinsic/extrinsic and (2) degree to which organization motivators are intrinsic/extrinsic (bottom cells of Motivation Chart)
2. You do not need to summarize all findings from the Chart; simply restate your two conclusions.
3. State explicit conclusion of degree to which managerial style is transactional / transformational for Instructional Development inside a University.

Under employee Needs:

1a. Student Employees = Provide response here
1b. Staff Employees = Provide response here

Under organizational motivators:

2a. Student Employees = Provide response here
2b. Staff Employees = Provide response here

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