neds basic management accounting

hi there this hmework is pretty much done but a mistake has been made with one of the initial figures i just need it changed and all subsequent figures changed i have detailed the nature of the error below an attched relevant files



hello there seems to be a mistake with the numbers in relation to the number hours worked a week you worked out a theoretical maximum number, but only 3 cars are available at time and they are available 24 hours a day. therfore 72 hours a day is the amount of hours that can be used a day  that is the number of hours a day we will work with could you go back and change all calculations to refelct this  


see below for an exmple 


24 hours a day * 3 taxis * 365 days 

divided by 4 to reflect its only the 3 months 

* £25 and * 0.6 to refelct price and 0.6 capacity 

 giving £98,550 revenue for the first 3 months 


given the same calculations 

£345,780 revenue for the other 9 months at a £30 fee 


could you please message back to show you  understand the mistake made and the changes i would like rectified 



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