my topic is about quot should animals be used to test quot

  • 750-900 words (plus an APA cover page)
  • 1st person point of view
  • Do not need research or use outside sources in its development

Write an essay in which you argue for your belief regarding a controversial topic. Your essay needs a clear thesis statement that states your belief and explains why you hold that belief. Ensure the topic is approved by your course instructor prior to beginning work on this assignment.

THESIS: Write a specific thesis statement that 1) states your belief and 2) explains why you hold that belief.

Example: “I believe the United States Congress should invest in young adults and allocate funds to pay for college tuition for qualified students because the cost of college tuition forces many young adults to graduate college with unsustainable debt, other quit, and still others cannot attend college.”

Your Turn: “I believe ________________________________________________ because _________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________.”

RHETORICAL STRUCTURE: Organize your essay as follows:

  • Introduce your essay with an example, startling fact, or description to show why you believe as you do and hook your reader. Close your introduction with your thesis statement;
  • Write well-developed body paragraphs, each containing a clear topic sentence stating your opinion on one angle of the controversial issue and offering your reason or rationale for your belief;
  • Making sure you connect your conclusion to your thesis, bring your essay to an end. For example, you could write how young adults, no longer burdened with college tuition, begin college excited about their education instead of suffering anxiety while filling out the FAFSA.
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