My personality is

I have completed both the personality tests and I have attached them both at the bottom so that you can answer the worksheet. The big five part 1 and 2 is one personality test and the other test is the second personality test. I also attached the worksheet.Now that you’ve completed your study of Chapter 15 (in week 2) and Chapter 13 (this week), you’re all set to explore your own ‘Big Five’ scores in greater depth. Similar to Costa and McCrae, the majority of personality psychologists endorse a dimensional view of personality rather than a categorical view. Let us take extraversion for example. The majority of personality psychologists endorse the view that a person can be more extraverted than introverted but NOT the view that a person is either an extravert or an introvert. This assignment requires you to take 2 personality tests and examine your results on both. Answers that reflect critical thought and analysis will receive more credit.

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