my connect power of process audience and purpose focus a diploma worth having by grant wiggins amp quot a diploma worth having quot reader response

Read through the article, completing the pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading activities. As you read, consider the author’s audience and purpose and how the author takes these into account in his message to readers. You will be completing a “process circle,” so each new element will appear as you complete the previous step.

Directions: For this assignment, assume that your audience has already read “A Diploma Worth Having” so minimal to no summary is needed; instead, respond to Grant Wiggins’s argument. Because this is a discussion post, this assignment will not be in MLA format. Length: 400 word minimum

Important Suggestion: Because your response is over another author’s article, like your previous discussion post, the author’s name and article title should be provided in your response. You will also need to follow your response with a works cited entry:

Wiggins, Grant. “A Diploma Worth Having.” Educational Leadership, Vol. 68, Issue 6, March 2011. ASCD.

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