music writing paper 1

Writing instruction:

You will be creating a 10 minute presentation on a composer, artist, genre, or style of your choice. The presentation will include two audio recordings (no more than 1 minute in total length), but the majority of the time will be devoted to your presentation of the music, including any cultural, societal, political, social connections, and including your description of the music excerpts itself (using the terminology and vocabulary we have been developing in the course).

This is my brief proposal:

I plan to build my report on top of Bob Marley and Reggae, I will talk about his song “Simmer Down,” “Simmer Down” was an urgent anthem from the shantytown precincts of the Kingston underclass. A huge overnight smash, it played an important role in recasting the agenda for stardom in Jamaican music circles.

Use the topic I want choose, write a total 500-600 words script for my presentation.

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