multiple questions formulated into an essay overviewing the human predicament 1

As a culminating, reflective exercise for this course, compose a 1,200 to 1,800 word essay responding to all of the following questions.

The questions are in the given picture if you can’t access let me know. Also if its bad quality I can send again.

Course title – HNR 260– The Human Predicament

Questions 4 & 5 ask to integrate from class material — For #5 I will send you a piece that you can elaborate on but for 4 I don’t have anything so use your best knowledge of the question and I can connect it with something or if you can think of something relevant you can do that too.

Thanks for the little time and the hard work, appreciate it. Will be here if you have any questions and will send #5 asap.


Ellis Redding–In prison for over 40 years. Talked about how “rehabilitation” was a bullshit word. Read deeper into it to give more knowledge but great thing to take out of the course and is a memorable piece.

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