module 03 discussion for profit and non profit online public relations examples

Go to the PR Newswire website ( and click the “News” heading. Browse the online news releases and find two news releases – one for a for-profit company and another for a non-profit company. Tip: Look at the subheadings for hints. For example, the Policy & Public Interest section is more likely to be a good place to find a non-profit news release, while the Business & Money section is a great place to look for a for-profit news release.

For your initial post, include links to the two online news releases you identified and then answer the following questions for each:

  • What company, organization, or entity is the “sender” or the originator of the online news releases you selected?
  • Summarize the purpose of the online news release. Why do you think it was written?
  • Analyze each online release to identify the stakeholder(s) who would be most interested in the information in the release. Who do you think the online release is designed to reach?
  • Compare the two news releases. What are the similarities and differences?
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