mkt490 module 1 5 discussions thread questions


Module 1 Discussions

Strategic Marketing




Read Jensch, J. (2013). Strategic marketing—Developing a corporate brand platform. The Quest Team. Available November 21, 2013, at

The strategic marketing platform also includes decisions related to segmentation, targeting, and positioning.

  • Explain how each of these concepts apply to marketing Extra Strength Tylenol.


Module 2 Discussions





View the slide show on brand personality available on November 21, 2013, at

  • How would you characterize the brand personality of the Chevrolet Volt, GM’s entry in the electric car market? 
  • How might that personality be projected in the Volt’s advertising campaign?


Module 3 Discussions


Inventory Management




Read Kokemuller, N. (n.d.) Advantages and disadvantages of just-in-time inventory. Houston Chronicle.  Available November 21, 2013, at

  • Briefly review the positive and negative aspects of just-in-time inventory management. 
  • Would this be a good concept to utilize in furniture retailing? Why or why not?


Module 4 Discussions


Promotion Strategy




Review the following articles:

Push and pull marketing strategies (n.d.).  Marketing made simple.  Available November 21, 2013, at

Riley, J. (2012). Promotion – Push & pull strategies. Tutor2u, September 23. Available November 21, 2013, at

  • Under what circumstances would you advocate a promotion strategy that depended more on personal selling (push) than advertising (pull)?
  • Would this be a good strategy to utilize in furniture marketing? Why or why not?


Module 5 Discussions


Pricing Strategy




Read Mealey, L. (2013). How to price your restaurant menu. Available November 21, 2013, at

Assume you are about open a 50-seat restaurant in the central business district of a mid-sized city. There are at least 20 eating places within 3 blocks of your location, including McDonald’s, several mid-priced ethnic restaurants, a brewpub, and 2 establishments with gourmet aspirations. You’ve chosen an “American Family” concept featuring comfort food, homemade pie, and daily soup specials. A common pricing model for restaurants is to price at 3 times food costs. However, upscale restaurants commonly use 2  times food costs and mass market chains tend toward 4 times food costs.

  • Can you explain these differences?
  • Where do you see your restaurant’s pricing model? Explain.
  • Suppose the food cost of meatloaf dinner (including a green salad, potato, vegetable, pie, and coffee totaled $4.69. What would your menu price be?
  • Suppose now that this meatloaf dinner were featured as your “daily special.”  Would that make a difference? Explain.





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