mitosis vs meiosis

A Compare Mitosis to Meiosis (explain how they differ and how they are alike)

B Consider the roles of two hormones involved in regulation of the concentration of calcium ions in the blood. Parathyroid hormone increases the concentration of calcium ions in the blood, but calcitonin decreases the concentration. Maintenance of calcium ion homeostasis is critical to neurological, cardiac and skeletal muscle function. What type of feedback mechanism would respond to restore calcium balance if a teenager took a dare and ate 100 antacid tablets made of calcium compound in 10 minutes. Explain the components of a feedback loop and whether tghe body would respond t this situation with a positive or negative feedback loop.

Bonus: A Compare the pectoral and pelvis girdles.

B Describe the different classificatjions of joints and their divisions (breakdown) and the different types of synovial joints. Define the different types of special movements in synogial jounts, and factojurs affecting the range of motion at these synovial Joints?

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