mis plan and summary 2


To complete the MIS Plan and Summary, fulfill the instructions for each part:

Part 1 – MIS Plan

  1. Download and read the Nozama Information Sheet (Attached)
  2. Create an MIS Plan that:
    1. Identifies and lists the roles of individuals who will be involved in the project
    2. Clearly defines the system requirements
    3. Briefly describes the analysis and design plans for the system
    4. Describes the plans for testing and execution of the system
  3. Present the plan in a way that is appropriate for the workplace

Part 2 – Summary

  1. Append a 1-2 page summary that addresses concerns relating to the following:
    1. Potential MIS implantation changes
    2. Factors for the success and failure in MIS development
  2. Present the summary in a way that is appropriate for the workplace
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