microsoft project homework need to use the microsoft project

Reporting project progress and variance simulation

1. Make all revisions as suggested when I reviewed your previous lab submission. Do not re-submit your file with the same mistakes as this will affect your score.

2. Mark all your initiating and planning activities 100% complete.

3. Set the status date of your project to exactly half way through since the project started (your project start date should coincide with the first working day of the start of this section of the class). Highlight all of the Executing tasks and then click on the Update as Scheduled (Mark on Track) icon.

4. Open the Tracking table. Review the percentage complete for each of the tasks that have at least some progress.

5. Using the Tracking table with a split screen combination view, enter Actual Start and/or Actual Finish dates that are different from the planned dates for at least 5 tasks. (Hint: Change only Actual Start and Actual Finish values – Do not change baseline values).

6. Using the Tracking table with a split screen combination view, enter Actual Durations that are different from the planned durations for at least 3 other tasks. Add a task note to at least one of these tasks explaining why the duration might have changed. . (Hint: Change only Actual duration values – Do not change baseline values)

7. View the Project Statistics to see how much variance you have from the original baseline for your project. You can also analyze project variances using the Earned Value table. You will have the opportunity to cover earned value management techniques extensively in more advanced project management courses.

8. Based on what you saw in question 7, how do you predict this project will end in terms of schedule and cost variances? Provide your forecasts in the submission area in Blackboard.

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