memos minimum 1 page double spaced 12 font 1 inch margins 2

Hello buddy this is going to be the last one please apply theories from any chapter that has a theory that related to this memo and try to explain why stuff happening.

memo 5

– we buy a police station

– we proposed a trade with Utopia state we will give them 200 food for 100 gold and 100 steel

-we created or made up a treaty with Kings landing state we called it friends ship with benefits the type of the treaty is mutual assistance pact and it considers trade wise and military wise

-we buy 1 Army Division to fight for our state

the Army Divisions are the heart of your army. All Air and Sea units typically support Army Divisions in combat. This is because Army Divisions are the only units that can conquer territory.

-we buy 50 Apache Helicopters

Apache Helicopters are excellent at harassing enemy ground and naval units, but they are not good at defending themselves from other Air Units. Use these when enemy air support is lacking.

we buy Nuclear Missile but it is un ACTIVE YET

Nuclear Missile

After you have discovered the technology Nuclear Fission you can build nuclear missiles. Nuclear missiles can reach any country on the map in a single turn. Any nuclear missile that strikes a city will have a 75% chance of destroying every structure located in that city (along with all of its structures, including Big Projects). You can see your Nuclear Missiles in the Weapons of Mass Destruction button in your Military Tab. To cancel a movement simply place the Nuclear Weapon over one of your cities.


*Nuclear missiles are not meant to be used for tactical combat. If you nuke a city you will only destroy the units and structures owned by the owner of the city. All allied forces in the area will be unaffected.

*The Big Project called SDI will block nuclear missile attacks with a 95% chance of success

-we Proposed trade with Kings landing state we give them 200 gold for 200 food

– Kings landing state needs our support because Gilead sates attacking them so we decide to send them some of our Apache Helicopters to help them

-we really need gold for our country do we were think of The Black Market but we founf that is bad idea because The Black Market allows you to trade your resources at a 3 to 1 ratio. So if you trade 300 Gold for Oil you will get 100 Oil from the back market,so this is not going to benefit our country.

Manual: Trading on the Black Market: You can trade any natural resource, at a 3 to 1 ratio, for any other natural resource using the Black Market. For example, if you have 300 extra food, you can trade this for 100 gold (or 50 oil and 50 steel, etc.). This can be a useful last resort if you have excess resources no other country wants.

-Alexandria has proposed a trade with Gilead ,Alexandria needs 500 of gold Alexandria wants to pay with 500 of Scientific Knowledge

-Alexandria has proposed a trade with Gilead ,Alexandria needs 500 of gold Alexandria wants to pay with 500 of oil

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