marketing quiz multiple choice needs be done 30 minute

1. (TCO D) If a manufacturer produces an acceptable product, but fails to provide adequate instructions for use or warnings against particular use, then this could be considered (Points : 11)

      A. negligence.

       B.brand endangerment.


       D.a source of injury.



Question 2.2. (TCO F) Product architecture does not include (Points : 11)

       A.creating the product schematic.

       B.clustering the schematic elements.

       C.checking interaction between chunks.

       D.developing the perceptual map.



Question 3.3. (TCO I) Level-one factors in scoring models include (Points : 11)


       B.sales figures.

       C.chances of success.

       D.product advantages.



Question 4.4. (TCO C) Customers are not used in problem analysis because (Points : 11)

       A.they have difficulty verbalizing them. creates negative impressions.

       C.problems should be hidden.

       D.they could provide information to competitors.



Question 5.5. (TCO E) The purposes of a concept test include all of the following, except (Points : 11) increase in the number of goods concepts.

       B.screening out poor concepts.

       C.estimating sales.

       D.helping to develop the idea.



Question 6.6. (TCO B) Strategic planning for new products includes all of the following, except (Points : 11)

       A.ongoing marketing planning.

       B.ongoing corporate planning.

       C.customer problem analysis.

       D.special opportunity analysis.



Question 7.7. (TCO H) In market testing, where the adventure has very little risk, and thus, a costlier method is not defendable, you should use (Points : 11)

       A.product use testing.

       B.test marketing.

       C.speculative sale.

       D.simulated test marketing.



Question 8.8. (TCO G) Promotion is an effective launch tactic for (Points : 11)

       A.cases of incompatibility in the usage process.

       B.introducing new product categories with high relative advantage.

       C.reinforcing awareness.

       D.cases where availability needs to be stimulated.



Question 9.9. (TCO E) The steps in the new product process are (Points : 11)

       A.opportunity identification and selection, concept generation, concept/project evaluation, development, and launch.

       B.development, evaluation, and launch.

       C.strategy development, product development, product testing, and launch.

       D.The steps vary based on the company and the product.



Question 10.10. (TCO A) The number-one reason for success in product development is (Points : 11)

       A.having better ideas.

       B.a unique, superior product.

       C.extensive research.

       D. flawless execution of the process.

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