make revision to 2 science powerpoint assignment per instructor comments

Open the attached Powerpoints below and make the revisions that the instructor wants…one thing to remember is that all resources must be found online and have to be less than 5 years old!


The first source is not about the chemical element NEON, rather it’s about the National Ecological Observatory Network (acronym NEON).Also, your second source is about life in the Chinese city of Shanghai in the early 1900s. So, only two of your sources MIGTH be valid.

Good job describing the structure, and explaining where it can be found in nature. You did not explain how we gather or harvest it, nor did you explain whether it’s rare or common (it is 1% of atmosphere on Earth, but did not discuss how rare or common it is in the galaxy). Is it a solid, liquid or gas on Earth? What about the atmosphere? You merely state “it is an inert gas under standard conditions” What does that mean? Is that on Earth or is that in the galaxy? You are not clear here. While you do say that we use neon in lights, I would like more detail. You also don’t say whether or not it’s harmful and whether or not you’ve come in contact with this element. You did have three images from your research.

I would recommend that you do a slide per question. You may find that this organizes your work a little bit better and helps you keep track of the questions you’ve answered.


Sources must be found online and must be as current as possible (within last 5 years preferably). One of your sources was from 1916, a source 100 years old is no longer relevant. You will need to re-do all of your power points to make this pretty significant correction

Materials: how are you planning on using the beakers? The Strainers? The Tablespoon?

For the Reagens: You do not specifically say that the sand, stones, nails and vegetable oil are in the water. Or, steps to make the mixture should be discussed in the Procedures


You say to pour the liquid portion into another clean container? The beakers from your materials or another large container?

How would you pour the liquid portion to separate the oil from the water?

Exactly how are the food coloring and salt separated? You just say through heating. Your experiment does not explain how the salt and food coloring are separated.

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