mae 454 machine design and manufacturing cad and research project

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As you embark into an engineering career, you will continue to learn and develop new skills. One way that you can continue your education is through seminars and conferences. In addition, information is available from many organizations (SAE or ASME) that provide conveyance of technical knowledge through referred publications. As a lifelong learning project, you are to work with one other person and select a design-related problem. You are to use available resources at the WVU libraries and use the United States patent literature to find at least one referred technical paper and one related patent to the selected topic. Answer the following questions with detailed responses. 1. What was the problem discussed in each document? 2. What was the approach to solve the problem in each document? 3. What were the results or conclusions from each document? 4. Provide a commentary on the quality of the written portion of the document. 5. What could have been changed in the document to improve your understanding of the problem(s) discussed in the document? Submit a copy of the paper and patents’ title page (do not submit the complete document) with the report. Additional patents and technical papers may be included in the report and will gain higher grade. (50 Points)

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