Looking for a reliable Tutor.

Hello, I’m currently looking for a reliable tutor, that I can work with on a consistantly. I’m looking for someone that pay attention to detail, that is able to complete all assignments by deadline. Mostly important I’m looking for someone that reads instructions to task and syllabus and knows how to answer all questions for the assignments in order to complete it accordingly. As I give assignments I will be monitoring the work to make certain that you are appropriate for this position. I do not want to work with anyone that is accepting work without any knowledge in the field of study. I will not announce the field of study right now because I don’t want anyone to change their profile by adding it. I will only select the individual that has the field of study or something similar that I’m looking to complete on their profile already. I have viewed many and have not yet found the field of study. This is a $10.00 sign on position if I choose you, thanks.

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